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Prenatal Massage Training Videos

Carole Osborne's Presonal Message - 2012 Highlights

A Brief Introduction to Body Therapy Education's Continuing Education Offerings

The following video is a short introduction. If you wish to see the long version with many more details, please click here.


Body Therapy Education's Continuing Education Offerings

Many of these Videos are courtesy of
Oakworks Inc.

Oakworks is a US company manufacturing
therapeutic massage tables, spa tables, &
medical imaging tables.

Oakworks has been around since 1978 &
is known for quality products that last, with
new designs being created to suit the
customer's needs. Bodies Talk... We Listen.

How to address Peri-Partum Pelvic Pain - Part 1

In this two-part video, Carole reviews the sources of prenatal pelvic pain. See how to protect women’s joints during massage and safely perform some basic techniques to ease this common pregnancy discomfort. Be sure to watch both Part I and  Part II


How to address Peri-Partum Pelvic Pain - Part 2


Advantages of Sidelying Positioning for Prenatal MT

Carole explains the possible disadvantages of prone positioning and shows how therapists can increase safety, comfort, access, and emotional support for expectant women by supporting them well on their sides.


Tips for How to Position Clients Using the Side Lying Positioning System

Carole demonstrates practical ways to increase safety, comfort, stability, accessibility, and the nurturing and therapeutic benefits of the side lying position, especially when working with pregnant women.


Draping Clients Securely for Side Lying Positioning

Carole offers tips to easily keep clients professionally covered when positioned on their side.


Addressing Body Mechanics While in the Side Lying Position

Carole shows therapists how to attend to yourself and increase effectiveness when working side lying. See how table height, support use and placement, weight shift, and alignment can affect your comfort and results.


Pregnancy Massage Primer: Massage of the Legs

Learn the basic anatomical and physiological rationale behind safe massage of expectant women’s legs. Carole reviews amount of pressure, precautionary areas, and suggested techniques for prenatal leg massage.

This video is courtesy of Pure Pro

Pure Pro is a therapist owned & operated
company that creates and manufactures the
highest quality body work, facial, and skin
care products specifically designed for
massage therapists, aestheticians, spas,
and alternative health care professionals.


Rhythmic Deep Tissue for Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief

Carole demonstrates her own unique combination of deep tissue work blended simultaneously with passive movements. Most clients need work in the neck and upper back, and side lying position offers unique access and effectiveness.


Side Lying Positioning System by Oakworks Works with a Variety of Clients

See how your frail, overweight, pregnant, and post surgical clients can be more comfortable when securely positioned on their side or semi-reclined for massage therapy.


Advantages of using the SLP System in your classroom

Schools, students, and clients benefit when your school teaches side lying positioning. Carole Osborne, 2008 AMTA National Teacher of the Year, discusses and demonstrates safety, liability, treatment improvement, and the superior preparation offered MT students who learn proper side lying work.


Steve Metzger, RN, discusses the benefits he has received from his prenatal massage certification.



Thank you from Carole and an Invitation

Carole expresses her gratitude to the 4500+ therapists who have studied maternity massage therapy with her since 1985. An invitation to the 2011 Advanced Perinatal MT seminar, open only to her certified graduates, follows.


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